IS220YDIAS1A Extreme Environment Controller


Product Parameter

16-point, 12-24 VDC current sinking output module,

2 common terminals, 0.25A/point continuous

over-current trip 0.6A min, 1.2A max,

independent over-temperature protection for each output

removable terminal block

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IS220YDIAS1A Extreme Environment Controller

The IS220YDIAS1A operates and functions in the same manner as ControlLogix standard controllers.The XT controller utilizes the Rockwell Automation® Integrated Architecture™ control engine with enhanced features to meet the needs of projects with extreme environment applications, including form-fitting coatings that extend product life in harsh, corrosive environments. In addition, the XT control system places modules every other slot for thermal buffering and provides redesigned ventilation for enhanced air flow.

IS220YDIAS1A has the following features:

IS220YDIAS1A is super functional. Compatible with FX3G/FX3U/FX3S series PLCs with fast operation speed;

(1) Highly integrated. Switching quantity up to 40 in and 40 out, switching output optional transistor/relay/mixed output; analog quantity up to 4 in (temperature/current/voltage or mixed type optional) 4 out (current/voltage or mixed type optional);

(2) comes with two PLC programming port: MiniB type usb port (download and read faster) and RS232 (8-hole mouse head female socket) conventional 2 RS458, optional RS232 communication port, optional CAN bus;

(3) support multiple high-speed counting and high-speed pulse. High-speed counting conventional single-phase 6-channel 60KHz or AB (Z) phase 2-channel 60KHz + 1-channel 10KHz; high-speed pulse conventional Y0-Y3 100KHz each way, Y4-Y7 10KHz each way, acceleration and deceleration independently, high-speed counting + high-speed pulse in the hair does not exceed 480KHz;

Introduction of IS220YDIAS1A

Up to 16 inputs and 16 outputs for switching and 2 inputs for analog.

Various types of analog inputs are available, output 0-10V or 0-20mA or mixed type

Communication port: comes with 1 422 programming port, optional 1 485 port, 1 232 port or 2 485 ports

High-speed counting input conventional 2-channel single-phase (X0/X3) or 2-channel AB-phase (X0-X1/X3-X4) 10KHz; up to 3-channel AB-phase (2-channel AB-phase 100KHz, 1-channel AB-phase 10KHz) or 6-channel single-phase (4-channel single-phase 100KHz, 2-channel single-phase 10KHz) can be customized specially

High-speed pulse outputs Y0/Y1/Y6/Y7 are routinely 20KHz, and can be specially customized to 200KHz for up to 4 channels.