IS230TBAIH2C Fieldbus Redundant Link Module


Technical Parameters:

  • High-performance CPU with 50Mb memory, fast scan time
  • Industry-leading 7 communications ports, including built-in local expansion and Ethernet remote I/O ports are standard on the CPU
  • USB Programming and USB Data Logging are resident on the CPU
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IS230TBAIH2C Fieldbus Redundant Link Module

The IS230TBAIH2C is a Profibus DP protocol fieldbus redundant link module that interchanges a single bus (port M) with a dual redundant bus (ports A and B), either converting a single cable bus to a redundant Profibus DP bus or converting a redundant Profibus DP bus to a single cable bus.

The IS230TBAIH2C receives data from port M and broadcasts it to ports A and B. However, the data from port A or B is forwarded to port M on a first-come, first-served basis, so that only one working path is established at the same time. The device monitors the communication status in real time, and switches to the redundant port when the receiver of the working port detects a bus failure, and vice versa. The device supports dip switches to set fixed or adaptive rates and supports the 10 common rates of the Profibus DP bus.

The IS230TBAIH2C can be placed directly after the Profibus DP master to convert a single-cable bus to a redundant bus, or in the slave to convert a redundant bus to a non-redundant cable, with optical isolation and interference reduction. The product is industrial grade design, IP30 protection level, wave pattern aluminium reinforced chassis, 35mm rail mounting, DC (12~36V) wide power input, with relay alarm output, dual power supply redundancy protection and other advantages.