IS410SRLYS2A IS400SRLYS2ABB System Control Station


Technical Parameters

24 VDC current sinking/sourcing

4 commons (isolated).

Requires one connector,

sold separately.

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IS410SRLYS2A IS400SRLYS2ABB System Control Station

IS410SRLYS2A IS400SRLYS2ABB adopts 19-inch international standard mechanical structure and standardised combination of components, which is convenient for installation in various application environments. The control cabinet adopts double-sided vertical structure, and the unique layout of the cabinet takes into account the flexibility of mixing and assembling, the I/O volume ratio, and the convenience of maintenance, and the function selection of the I/O modules is realised through software configuration without the need of jumper settings. The I/O modules and module bases are all screw-free and quick-loading structures. The software adopts the latest ergonomic design technology, which is in line with the operating habits of industrial control.

IS410SRLYS2A IS400SRLYS2ABB system safety and interference immunity meet international standards for industrial use environments. The whole system, including power supply modules, controllers, I/O modules and communication buses, etc., is redundant, and the IO modules have channel-level fault diagnosis and complete fail-safe functions. The system is equipped with single-point online download function of configuration, which can ensure the safe and continuous stable operation of the site. IS410SRLYS2A IS400SRLYS2ABB system integrates various standardised software and hardware interfaces, is compatible with digital signals conforming to fieldbus standards and traditional analogue signals, and provides open interfaces conforming to standard protocols such as HART, FF, PROFIBUS, MODBUS, EPA, and so on.

The IS410SRLYS2A IS400SRLYS2ABB system has matrix-type sub-domain control and real-time data cross-domain communication and management functions, which meets the user’s needs for segmented control and centralised management of large-scale production processes. In the process control network for inter-domain data sharing instead of inter-domain access through the server to ensure that inter-domain control and intra-domain control with the same control effect. The control domain and operation domain can be flexibly configured online through software, thus ensuring the flexibility of the process control network under the construction of large-scale systems.