IS410STAIS2A IS400STAIS2AED Standalone Logic Modules


Technical Parameters

Linux system

Unique Smartlink technology

SSL data encryption

Support 4G full network pass

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IS410STAIS2A IS400STAIS2AED Standalone Logic Modules

In the event of an emergency, such as a gas leak or fire, IS410STAIS2A IS400STAIS2AED it is vital to quickly isolate the plant from the gas source. Placing an ESD button near the point of entry to the gas line ensures that the gas supply is shut off immediately, thus minimising the risk of escalation. (especially specific units or areas in the plant)

IS410STAIS2A IS400STAIS2AED By placing the ESD button near a fence or perimeter area, the emergency response team can still access the button even if access to other parts of the plant is restricted due to an emergency. This placement also ensures that the ESD is kept at a safe distance from potential sources of ignition within the plant. Safety regulations often require that ESD buttons be placed in strategic locations.

IS410STAIS2A IS400STAIS2AED include points at which hazardous substances enter or leave the facility because they are critical points for controlling potential hazards. These regulations are designed to ensure the highest level of safety and are based on best practices and historical data regarding industrial accidents. Please note that it is important to have a clear, unobstructed view of the ESD button for maintenance and testing purposes. In the event of an emergency, the ESD button must be available and unobstructed.