MMS6110 Frequency conversion speed controller


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MMS6110 Frequency conversion speed controller

MMS6110 According to the different speed control systems, the drive control part can be designed as a general-purpose governor, such as a general-purpose frequency converter, or as a special-purpose governor, such as the weft storage used in the textile industry, etc., but its basic structure is the same or similar. Due to the specific design process can be used in different design methods, resulting in a large difference in the complexity of its hardware circuit.

The power circuit of the MMS6110 asynchronous motor’s frequency conversion speed control or brushless DC motor’s speed control controller generally adopts the typical AC-DC-AC topology. It consists of rectifier part, filtering part and inverter part. When it works, it firstly rectifies the three-phase or single-phase alternating current into a pulsating DC voltage whose frequency is twice of the grid voltage frequency by bridge rectifier, and then the pulsating DC voltage gets a stable DC voltage with small fluctuation after smooth filtering.