molex APP-ETH-PCU-C PCU2000ETH Sensor Components


Technical Parameters

Linux system

Unique Smartlink technology

SSL data encryption

Support 4G full network pass

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molex APP-ETH-PCU-C PCU2000ETH Sensor Components

The molex APP-ETH-PCU-C PCU2000ETH is independent in the same way that the components used in the BPCS and SIS are physically and functionally independent. This includes sensor assemblies, logic solvers, and final control elements.SIS is generally physically and functionally independent of the BPCS to ensure that any situation that could result in a loss of control of a process parameter in the BPCS is protected by the SIS, regardless of the functionality of the BPCS.

The molex APP-ETH-PCU-C PCU2000ETH will consist of three types of components including a sensor component, a logic solver component and a final control element. Together, these components form a Safety Instrumented System (SIS) that can detect uncontrolled process conditions and automatically restore the process to a safe state, regardless of the functionality of the underlying process control system. In this case, the SIS can include programmable or non-programmable systems.

The molex APP-ETH-PCU-C PCU2000ETH shall identify the person, department, organisation or other unit responsible for performing and reviewing each phase of the SIS safety lifecycle and inform them of their assigned responsibilities. Individuals, departments or organisations involved in SIS security lifecycle activities should be competent to carry out the activities for which they are responsible. The following should be addressed and documented: engineering knowledge, training and experience appropriate to the process application