MS-NAE5510-1 Semiconductor Temperature Difference Thyristor


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MS-NAE5510-1 Semiconductor Temperature Difference Thyristor

MS-NAE5510-1 has a very powerful processing functions, can achieve a variety of small and medium-sized control, CN for the localisation of the device, which in the absence of any change in the function, only the price is cheaper than the imported, greatly improving the cost-effectiveness of the product; H92 provides pulse signals, the maximum rate of 200KHZ, to meet the servo system control of almost all;

The keys and text display function provided by MS-NAE5510-1 are convenient for operation and make the operation interface become very transparent, while saving a large number of operation buttons, meters and PLC input and output modules; H92 programming software provides command wizards for special modules, which can be used very conveniently, without the need for complex programming process; the system hardware is small in size, and only requires a small control box The small size of the system hardware allows such complex and precise control to be achieved with only a small control box.

MS-NAE5510-1 In soft starters, semiconductors must withstand large temperature fluctuations, which is why good load cycling capability is essential. Using specially developed thyristor modules from SEMIKRON, it was possible to develop a cost-effective, ultra-compact soft starter that meets this requirement. the result for H92 is the reverse-parallel thyristor module SEMiSTART: Thanks to double-sided chip cooling, the module has half the thermal resistance of conventional modules and is extremely compact. The good cooling properties mean that the module can withstand higher overload currents for short periods of time. In addition, the new modules are crimped, thus guaranteeing a high degree of reliability.