MVI69-MNET Connecting Power Devices


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MVI69-MNET Connecting Power Devices

Most of the servo amplifiers supporting MVI69-MNET electric actuators are usually composed of input isolation amplifier circuits, comparison, triggering circuits and power output circuits. The input is generally isolated by a coil, and then amplified by a magnetic amplifier; the comparison circuit is generally composed of discrete components of the voltage comparator, the trigger circuit is triggered by the Tachyon oscillation trigger circuit, its stability and reliability are poor; the power output circuit is a silicon controlled output circuit, the servo motor speed is fixed, the output positioning effect is poor.

MVI69-MNET in the control process can not obtain some of its own characteristics of parameters, making the control accuracy and reliability are not high, the input signal is only a kind of, such as current or resistance, and then compare the detection signal with the input signal, the control signal obtained from this is sent to the drive circuit, in order to control the displacement of the actuator output; some electric actuators set up an alarm circuit, but did not use chain protection measures, so that in the event of an alarm, the alarm circuit will not be able to control the output. Some electric actuators are equipped with alarm circuits, but there is no chain protection measures, which makes it unsafe in the alarm state, and thus such servo amplifier mostly controlled electric actuators can not be applied in some occasions with high requirements for precision, reliability and stability.

MVI69-MNET electric actuators generally provide five signal points: one analogue signal for feedback of the position signal of the electric actuator; two switching contact input signals for feedback of the electric actuator’s two limit alarm signals; in addition, there are two forward and reverse coils drive interfaces for connecting the power devices, such as solid-state relays, SCRs and so on, and the servo amplifier or PAT module can be driven by the switching output signals to drive the electric actuator. The Servo Amplifier or PAT module can drive the solid state relay or thyristor through the switching output signal to drive the electric actuator forward or reverse.