NTCF22 Power Frame Module


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NTCF22 Power Frame Module

The NTCF22 has separate power and probe wire connections, allowing this emulation module to probe remote loads and correct for wiring losses. The battery emulation module is designed to respond to dynamic loads, minimising the need for local decoupling capacitors on the load. The module can also independently read voltage (via the probe line) and output current at the load. With I/V readback, the driver can automatically adjust the module’s output voltage through a feedback system for greater accuracy.

NTCF22 As electric vehicles and other applications using battery packs evolve, it is becoming increasingly difficult to effectively test and validate battery management systems (BMS). In the past, test engineers have had to connect the simulation module to a separate digital multimeter (DMM) to take voltage and current readings. With our new modules, this operation can be eliminated and readbacks can be performed more easily and accurately.

Thanks to the modular and scalable nature of the NTCF22 platform, our new 41-752A and 43-752A series modules can be used with our other PXI switching and simulation modules, including high-voltage switching, fault injection, thermocouple simulation, and resistance thermistor (RTD) simulation. In addition, the new modules can also be used with other manufacturers’ PXI modules, for example to build a fully flexible test system for battery management systems using the CANbus interface.