P0904HN LZS 1500-3FOX Optical Isolation Electromagnetic

P0904HN LZS 1500-3FOX

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P0904HN LZS 1500-3FOX Optical Isolation Electromagnetic

P0904HN LZS 1500-3FOX occasions are generally worse, and in the industrial field in order to facilitate the implementation of the project, the valve position feedback signal line, the power supply line and the switching output signal line is concentrated in the same cable, the crosstalk between the signal lines is serious, so the hardware of the PAT module must be in isolation, anti-jamming, as well as electromagnetic compatibility of the design must be done strictly.

The P0904HN LZS 1500-3FOX module design uses optoelectronic isolation technology and electromagnetic isolation technology, with separate isolation for analogue processing circuits and uniform isolation for the switching part. Switching output part and then through the solid state relay to achieve the isolation of weak and strong power, effectively overcoming the interference between different signals; at the same time and then in the analogue processing circuit, switching circuit part of the further signal conditioning and protection measures, at this time, the PAT module has a very strong anti-interference ability and good electromagnetic compatibility, stability and reliability has been significantly improved.

P0904HN LZS 1500-3FOX electric actuator action is generally more sensitive, that is, the valve position changes in a relatively short period of time, the feedback signal belongs to the fast-changing analogue, in the design of the analogue signal processing circuit, the filtering circuit filtering constants should be as small as possible, and pay attention to the selection of fast A/D chip, such as the successive comparison type A/D chip, can be fast sampling, to do Timely tracking of changes in valve position, thus ensuring good control results.