PCI354-1022-38 02088-019 Remote Module for CNC Machines

PCI354-1022-38 02088-019

Technical Parameters

D2-04TD1 – 4 pt. 12-24 VDC current sinking output module, 1 common (4 common terminals),4.0A/point, 8.0A/module, fused per point (non-replaceable), removable terminal

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PCI354-1022-38 02088-019 Remote Module for CNC Machines

PCI354-1022-38 02088-019 communication diagnostics, also known as remote diagnostics, uses a communication mode to test and diagnose a faulty CNC system by connecting it to a special communication diagnostic computer in a professional repair centre. Communication diagnostic system can also make preventive diagnosis for the user, often an alarm number indicates the cause of a number of failures, so as to determine whether the failure occurs in the mechanical part or the CNC part, and display the general part of the fault (fault code).

PCI354-1022-38 02088-019 any production practice commonly used troubleshooting methods for diagnosis and elimination, do not have to visit the scene, just according to a predetermined time for a series of machine tool running checks, diagnostic data in the maintenance centre to analyse the diagnostic data, can be found in the existence of hidden faults, so as to take measures at an early stage.

PCI354-1022-38 02088-019 CNC machine tool remote operation and maintenance programme is the use of sensor technology in the CNC machine tool installed sensors (temperature sensors, voltage sensors, pressure sensors, speed sensors, displacement sensors and laser sensors) to detect the movement of the CNC machine tool axes, cutting tools, as well as other bed within the running state of mechanical or electrical components