PE1315A Signal Safety Data Network


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PE1315A Signal Safety Data Network

PE1315A has the structural characteristics of a hierarchical distributed large-scale monitoring system. Generally consists of centralized integrated monitoring system, station-level integrated monitoring system and the backbone network that connects the two levels of the system is composed of three major parts.

The PE1315A system realizes high-speed processing and high integration capability, which improves the reliability and responsiveness of the system. The interlocking system is used to realize stable and reliable data interaction with the on-board ATP system to ensure the integrity of the system, thus realizing the maturity, stability and reliability of the system.

PE1315A train automatic protection ATP and automatic operation ATO function meets the safe, efficient and energy-saving train control and platform precise stopping, safety gate linkage to ensure passenger comfort. At the same time, the subway signaling system has maintenance management functions to prepare maintenance plans and assist maintenance management, which is convenient, practical and fast.