PFEA112-20 3BSE030369R0020 High performance industrial grade processor

PFEA112-20 3BSE030369R0020

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PFEA112-20 3BSE030369R0020 High performance industrial grade processor

The PFEA112-20 3BSE030369R0020 is an electronic device designed to perform digital arithmetic operations for applications in industrial environments. It employs a programmable memory to store instructions to perform logical operations, sequential operations, timing, counting, arithmetic operations, etc., and can control various types of machinery or production processes through digital or analogue inputs and outputs.

PFEA112-20 3BSE030369R0020 has developed into a series of products of various scales, such as large, medium and small. It can be used in various scales of industrial control occasions, and most of modern PLCs have perfect data computing ability, which can be used in various digital control fields. In recent years, PLC function units have emerged in large numbers, so that PLC penetrates into the position control, temperature control, CNC and other various industrial control. In addition, the enhancement of PLC communication capability and the development of human-machine interface technology have made it easy to use PLCs to form a variety of control systems..

PFEA112-20 3BSE030369R0020 remote control module adopts real-time embedded LINUX system to ensure stable and safe data transmission. Equipped with RS485 or RS232 serial port, plc remote control and plc remote download can be realised in different ways through Ethernet, WiFi and 4G