PFSK142 3BSE006505R1 Power Module

PFSK142 3BSE006505R1

Technical Parameters

Linux system

Unique Smartlink technology

SSL data encryption

Support 4G full network pass

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PFSK142 3BSE006505R1 Power Module

Size and its tolerance, due to the PFSK142 3BSE006505R1 upper and lower mold clamp specifically for clamping, so its cylindrical inner diameter size should be slightly smaller than the size of the outer diameter of copper and aluminum pipe, that is, the upper limit of the tolerance can not exceed the lower limit of the tolerance of the outer diameter of the pipe size; and fixture size of the inner diameter of the lower limit of the tolerance should not be too small, otherwise it will be a larger outside diameter of the surface of the tube appear indentation. Therefore, the upper and lower parting clamp specific cylindrical surface diameter size tolerance must be limited to a smaller range, that is, the tolerance band is narrower, in order to achieve that can be pressed, and does not produce indentation.

Shape and position tolerance, first of all on the PFSK142 3BSE006505R1 single pipe, the upper and lower parting clamp specific clamping should be kept in contact with the surface of the pipe, it is necessary to consider the requirements of the cylindricity of the clamping, due to the upper and lower parting clamp specific clamping, there will be a small deformation, so the inner cylindrical surface is designed as a slightly programmed elliptic cylindrical surface, after clamping to meet the requirements of the cylindrical surface exactly. Secondly, in terms of copper and aluminum tube welding, the radial positioning error of the two tubes has a great impact on the welding quality, so the assembly should be considered after the two clamps specifically clamping the straightness of the inner cylindrical surface.