PFSK151 3BSE018876R1 3BSC980006R358 Turbine Control Module

PFSK151 3BSE018876R1 3BSC980006R358

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PFSK151 3BSE018876R1 3BSC980006R358 Turbine Control Module

PDD500A101 3BHE037649R0101 optical communication based inter-station safety information transmission equipment utilizes computer and communication technology to complete the transmission of inter-station safety information, using the railroad signaling safety communication protocol RSSP-I, to transmit the necessary safety information required for inter-station signaling control, using the relay node as the input condition, and the drive relay suction up or down as the output condition. It is the core equipment of the fiber optic based inter-station safety information transmission system.

PFSK151 3BSE018876R1 3BSC980006R358 Optical fiber-based inter-station safety information transmission equipment generally consists of cabinets, power supply units, safety communication mainframe units, input/output interface units, and optoelectronic units. The system safety is designed in accordance with SIL4 level requirements, and the information transmission meets the relevant requirements of EN50159-1 standard. The equipment also has self-diagnosis and auxiliary maintenance functions, and can send monitoring status information to the centralized monitoring equipment through the communication interface. The equipment has good scalability, according to the engineering needs, increase the corresponding interface unit and software functions, with the conditions for upgrading to C2.

PFSK151 3BSE018876R1 3BSC980006R358 Increase the central control equipment CCS communication control server, generate ATO operation plan according to the operation plan sent by CTC and send it to on-board equipment through GSM-R; receive the switching door instruction package from on-board equipment and send the switching door instruction to the column control center to realize the safety protection and linkage control of platform screen door/safety door. Control.