PFTL101BE 2.0KN 3BSE004214R1 Signal Transmission Line

PFTL101BE 2.0KN 3BSE004214R1

Technical Parameters

Linux system

Unique Smartlink technology

SSL data encryption

Support 4G full network pass

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PFTL101BE 2.0KN 3BSE004214R1 Signal Transmission Line

PFTL101BE 2.0KN 3BSE004214R1 In the industrial field, the switching operation surge, the starting and stopping of large power equipment, the harmonics caused by AC and DC drives, the short circuit transient shock of the power grid, etc. can form a pulse interference in the power grid.The normal power supply of the PLC is supplied by the power grid, and thus it will have a direct effect on the normal work of the PLC. Due to the wide coverage of the power grid, it will be subject to all the electromagnetic interference in space and produce continuous high-frequency harmonic interference. Especially in the disconnection of inductive loads in the grid when the peak instantaneous voltage is rated dozens of times, the pulse power is enough to damage the PLC semiconductor devices, and contains a large number of harmonics can be through the semiconductor line in the distribution of capacitance, insulation resistance, etc. intrusion into the logic circuits, caused by false action.

PFTL101BE 2.0KN 3BSE004214R1 In addition to the transmission of valid information, PLC systems connected to the various types of signal transmission lines will always have the intrusion of external interference signals. This interference is mainly two ways: ① through the transmitter power supply or common signal instrumentation power supply string of grid interference; ② signal line on the external induction interference, including electrostatic discharge, pulsed electric field and switching voltage as the main source of interference. Interference introduced by the signal line will cause I / O signal work abnormally and greatly reduce the accuracy of measurement, and in serious cases will cause component damage. If the system isolation performance is poor, it will also lead to mutual interference between the signals, causing a common ground system bus backflow, resulting in changes in logic data, false operation or even crash.