PFTL201C 3BSE007913R50 50KN Electro-Magnetic Relay

ABB PFTL201C 3BSE007913R50 50KN

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ABB PFTL201C 3BSE007913R50 50KN Electro-Magnetic Relay

ABB PFTL201C 3BSE007913R50 50KN electric actuator action is generally more sensitive, that is, in a shorter period of time the valve position changes are large, and its feedback signal belongs to the fast-changing analogue, in the design of the analogue signal processing circuit, the filtering circuit filtering constants should be as small as possible, and pay attention to the selection of fast A/D chips, such as the successive comparison type A/D chip, can be quickly sampled to achieve timely tracking of the changes in valve position, thus ensuring good control results. Can be fast sampling, to do timely tracking of changes in valve position, thus ensuring good control results.

ABB PFTL201C 3BSE007913R50 50KN hardware chain protection has the advantage of timely and reliable, so in the design of the PAT module, the use of limit alarm signals to participate in the chain protection of the output drive: the upper limit of the alarm input to participate in the increase of the output hardware chain, the lower limit of the alarm input to participate in the decrease of the output chain protection. At the moment when the valve reaches the upper limit or lower limit, the PAT module can be directly truncated through the hardware to increase the output or decrease the output, without CPU processing, so as to achieve timely and reliable.

ABB PFTL201C 3BSE007913R50 50KN module needs to drive the on-site electric actuator through the relay, so the good or bad of the relay is directly related to whether it can be controlled properly. Compared with the commonly used electromagnetic relays, solid state relays are a kind of non-contact switching control relays assembled with solid components, whose inputs are isolated by photocouplers, and can be controlled by a very small current.