PM511V08 3BSE011180R1 Isolation transformer power supply system

PM511V08 3BSE011180R1

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PM511V08 3BSE011180R1 Isolation transformer power supply system

The grounding of the PM511V08 3BSE011180R1 is one of the most important conditions for the reliable operation of the PLC to avoid the hazards of occasional voltage shocks. The grounding wire is connected to the ground terminal of the machine, and the basic unit must be grounded; if an expansion unit is selected, its grounding point is connected to the basic unit grounding point.

In order to suppress the additional power supply and input and output interference, should be connected to the PLC with a dedicated ground, grounding and power equipment (such as motors) should be separated from the ground point, PM511V08 3BSE011180R1 can be connected to the public grounding with other equipment, is strictly prohibited with other equipment in series grounding, the specific grounding method as shown in Figure 2.

PM511V08 3BSE011180R1 grounding resistance should be less than 5Ω, the grounding wire should be thick, the area should be greater than 2 square millimeters, and the grounding point is preferably close to the PLC device, the distance between them should be less than 50 meters, the grounding line should be to avoid the strong circuit, if it is impossible to avoid, it should be perpendicular to intersect, shorten the length of the parallel alignment.