PM866 3BSE050200R1 Modbus Protocol Controller

PM866 3BSE050200R1

Technical Parameters
◆ Integrated design of data acquisition and transmission.
◆ Micro-power consumption design, support battery, solar energy, utility power supply.
◆ IP68 protection level, waterproof, moisture-proof, anti-soaking.
◆ Supports two working modes: wake-up timer and real-time online.
◆ Provide 5V and 12V DC power supply for the transmitter.

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PM866 3BSE050200R1 Modbus Protocol Controller

Some of the CPUs of the PM866 3BSE050200R1 series PLCs are equipped with PROFIBUS DP master/slave interfaces, so we can utilize the PROFIBUS bus transfer protocol to acquire field temperature signals in bulk.PROFIBUS -DP is used for high-speed data transfer at the field level. The master cyclically reads the inputs from the slaves and cyclically sends the outputs to the slaves.

The bus cycle time must be shorter than the master (PLC) program cycle time. In addition to cyclic user data transfer, PROFIBUS-DP provides the non-cyclic communication required by intelligent devices for configuration, diagnostics and alarm processing. The temperature signal of PM866 3BSE050200R1 can be collected centrally by inspection.