PM866A 3BSE076359 Temperature Module

PM866A 3BSE076359

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PM866A 3BSE076359 Temperature Module

PM866A 3BSE076359 With the continuous development and evolution of control technology, its function is now close to that of a computer.PLC not only handles data such as bytes, but also communicates with external instruments. The temperature module with PLC’s PID operation function needs to be programmed, which is complicated, tedious and time-consuming, and also requires the programmer to have expertise in PID control. If the PLC fails, the temperature control section stops working.

The PM866A 3BSE076359 gives the regulation PID control part to an external display control instrument to execute, and the PLC only provides signals such as logic control, giving full play to the fact that the external display control instrument has a variety of functions, and can realize many functions that cannot be realized by the PLC. Since the display control instrument is independent, even if the PLC malfunctions and causes the equipment to stop, it is possible to continue PID display control.