PM866K02 3BSE050199R1 Remote PLC inverter

PM866K02 3BSE050199R1

Adopts high-performance industrial-grade processor

Adopt high-performance industrial-grade wireless module

4G full network communication (Unicom, Telecom, Mobile)

Support low power consumption mode

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PM866K02 3BSE050199R1 Remote PLC inverter

PM866K02 3BSE050199R1 In order to realize the full use of energy and the needs of production, it is necessary to regulate the speed of the motor, taking into account the characteristics of the motor’s startup, operation, speed regulation and braking, the ABB ACS800 frequency converter from ABB is used, and the system is completed by the S7-200 series PLC to collect data and control the tasks of the frequency converter, motor and other equipment. . Programming software based on S7-200 PLC, the use of modular programming methods, a large number of code reuse, reducing software development and maintenance. The system utilizes the design of the PLC software to realize the parameter setting of the inverter, fault diagnosis and the start and stop of the motor.

PM866K02 3BSE050199R1 control requirements:
(1) the system requires the user to be able to visualize the working status of the field equipment and water level changes;
(2) The user is required to be able to remotely control the start and stop of the inverter;
(3) The user can set the water level to control the start and stop of the frequency converter;
(4) The fault information of the frequency converter and other equipment can be reflected on the remote PLC in time;
(5) The water level is too high, too low alarm and prompt the user function;