PP845 3BSE042235R1 Low Pass Filter

PP845 3BSE042235R1

Technical Parameters

Linux system

Unique Smartlink technology

SSL data encryption

Support 4G full network pass

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PP845 3BSE042235R1 Low Pass Filter

PP845 3BSE042235R1 low-pass filter can absorb most of the “burrs” in the power supply, the figure of the Ll and 12 to suppress high-frequency differential mode voltage, L3 and L4 is the use of an equal length of wire reverse winding in the same magnetic ring, 50Hz of the industrial frequency current generated in the magnetic ring flux cancel each other, the magnetic ring will not saturate. The magnetic flux generated in the ring by the 50Hz industrial frequency current cancel each other out, and the ring will not saturate.

PP845 3BSE042235R1 wear voltage is slightly higher than the maximum voltage of the normal operation of the power supply, usually equivalent to an open circuit. When the spike interference pulse is broken, the interference voltage is clamped by the varistor, and the terminal voltage of the latter is equal to its breakdown voltage.

PP845 3BSE042235R1 high-frequency interference signals are not coupled through the windings of the transformer, but are transmitted through the distributed capacitance between the primary and secondary windings. In the primary and secondary windings between the winding shielding layer, and it and the core together with the ground, can reduce the distribution capacitance between the windings, improve the ability to resist high-frequency interference.