PPA322B HIEE300016R2 HIEE400235R1 Piggyback Sensor

PPA322B HIEE300016R2 HIEE400235R1

Technical Parameters
◆ Integrated design of data acquisition and transmission.
◆ Micro-power consumption design, support battery, solar energy, utility power supply.
◆ IP68 protection level, waterproof, moisture-proof, anti-soaking.
◆ Supports two working modes: wake-up timer and real-time online.
◆ Provide 5V and 12V DC power supply for the transmitter.

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PPA322B HIEE300016R2 HIEE400235R1 Piggyback Sensor

PPA322B HIEE300016R2 HIEE400235R1 hydroelectric power station used more DC220v solenoid valve internal limit switch in series with its coil normally closed contacts, solenoid valve coil is energized, the valve spool action, it is the valve internal contacts to break the circuit. In this case, you can choose a small relay with small contacts to transfer the PLc output signal.

PPA322B HIEE300016R2 HIEE400235R1 switching signals (such as buttons, limit switches, proximity switches and other signals provided by the signal) generally do not have strict requirements for signal cables, you can use general cables, when the signal transmission distance is farther away, shielded cables can be used. Analog signals and high-speed signal lines (such as pulse sensors, counting digital disk and other signals provided) should choose shielded cable. Communication cable requires high reliability, some communication cable signal frequency is very high (such as on the MHz), generally should be selected PLc manufacturers to provide special cables, in the requirements are not high or low signal frequency, you can also choose a twisted pair cable with shielding.