PPC380AE02 HIEE300885R0102 Industrial Internet

PPC380AE02 HIEE300885R0102

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PPC380AE02 HIEE300885R0102 Industrial Internet

PPC380AE02 HIEE300885R0102 As far as the main players in the industrial internet market are concerned, they mainly include automation vendors, industrial enterprises, software enterprises and ICT enterprises. With the deep integration of the Internet and advanced manufacturing, many enterprises have realised that the industrial Internet is the top ecosystem of the future industry, which will have an all-round, deep and revolutionary impact on future industrial development.

PPC380AE02 HIEE300885R0102 requires equipment to be connected to the cloud through the network, based on a platform with ultra-high computing power and real-time computing control of the manufacturing process through big data and artificial intelligence. From the application point of view, at present, 80% of the industry’s landing application scenarios are still through the production line configuration of many sensors and control equipment, so that the equipment has the ability to sense, so as to monitor the status of automation equipment remotely.

PPC380AE02 HIEE300885R0102 series is a PLC remote off-site _ download programme and remote monitoring control module launched by Shenzhen Huajie ZhiControl, through 3G, 4G or, WIFI, mobile phone hotspot, Ethernet networking, off-site PLC and the operator’s computer remotely composed of a local area network (LAN), directly can be carried out on the PLC programme remote download and data remote monitoring. directly can carry out PLC programme remote uploading and downloading as well as data remote monitoring. Support Siemens PLC, Mitsubishi PLC, Panasonic PLC, Delta PLC, Omron PLC, Schneider PLC, BUEFO PLC, YASKAWA PLC, Huichuan servo and so on various PLC.