PPD103-B03-10-150000 Inductive Components


Adopts high-performance industrial-grade processor

Adopt high-performance industrial-grade wireless module

4G full network communication (Unicom, Telecom, Mobile)

Support low power consumption mode

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PPD103-B03-10-150000 Inductive Components

PPD103-B03-10-150000 should be far away from strong interference sources. Such as high-power silicon controlled device, high-frequency welding machine and large power equipment, etc. PLc can not be installed in the same switchgear cabinet with high-voltage electrical appliances, and PLc should be far away from the power line in the cabinet (the distance between the two should be more than 200mm). With PLC installed in the same switchgear cabinet inductive components, such as relays, contactor coils, should be connected in parallel with the Rc arc-canceling circuit.

The I/0 line of PPD103-B03-10-150000 and the high power line should be routed separately; if they have to be routed in the same trunk, the signal line should use shielded cable. AC and DC lines should be used separately with different cables, switching, analog I / 0 line should be laid separately, the latter should be shielded. Different types of lines should be loaded into different cable tubes or cable troughs, and make them have the largest possible spatial distance.