PR9268307-100 9200-06121n Network Connection Module

PR9268307-100 9200-06121n

Technical Parameters:

  • CPU with 7 communication ports and LCD display
  • Serial ports for master/slave or custom device connections
  • USB local I/O expansion, Ethernet remote I/O
  • Plenty of discrete and analog I/O modules, display on analog modules
  • Easy drive integration
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PR9268307-100 9200-06121n Network Connection Module

PR9268307-100 9200-06121n In the field of industrial control, the traditional field control method has been more and more unable to meet the requirements of industrial automation, this control method is not only time-consuming, labour-intensive and very imperfect. Industrial automation control system development to today, with the continuous improvement of communication technology, to get rid of the traditional field control mode as the main control mode, the use of the host computer through the field bus communication to control the production line of a new model.

PR9268307-100 9200-06121n Modular Production and Processing Teaching and Training System, is a complete training system oriented to automation control technology, which consists of a number of modules, is a completely open type of operating system, the operator can according to the different needs of a variety of module combination, expansion and control. the MPS system is very close to the actual industrial production system, so the Training based on MPS system is of practical importance in university engineering teaching.

PR9268307-100 9200-06121n maximize the use of the resources of the MPS teaching and training system, fully improve the utilization rate of the experimental equipment, and achieve the best teaching effect within a limited time, so it is necessary to design a set of perfect resource allocation and management system, through the optimal allocation of resources to achieve the requirements of resource sharing, time-sharing and other requirements. This paper describes the structure, function, and software and hardware design content of the bus network system to achieve resource sharing.