PTQ-PDPMV1 Unit Combination Instrument


Technical Parameters:

  • Full lineup of 36 discrete, analog and specialty PAC I/O modules
  • Local, Expansion and Remote I/O bases, up to 115,000+ I/O points
  • Auto-discover local and remote PAC bases, I/O and GS drives
  • Hot-swappable I/O, No module placement restrictions, No power budget limitations
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PTQ-PDPMV1 Unit Combination Instrument

PTQ-PDPMV1 provides isolated power supply voltage for two or three-wire transmitter, and converts DC voltage or current signal generated by the transmitter into required output signal to the control system through this isolator. It can be used in conjunction with unit combination instruments and DCS, PLC and other systems to provide power supply, signal isolation, signal conversion, signal distribution, signal processing, etc. for on-site primary instruments, so as to improve the anti-jamming capability of the automatic control system for industrial production processes and ensure the stability and reliability of the system. It can be equipped with liquid crystal display, and switch to display parameters of different channels through infrared touch keys, displaying real-time measured value, theoretical output value, unit and channel number.

PTQ-PDPMV1 parameters:
Single channel, dual channel.
DC voltage, current input.
Analogue, RS-485, relay contact signal output.
24V power distribution output.
Input/output/power triple isolation.
Transmission accuracy 0.2%.
Modular design, small size, low power consumption.
Fully intelligent, digital, programmable.
Each terminal can be plugged and unplugged with electricity, easy to install and maintain.
Standard 35mm DIN rail mounting.

PTQ-PDPMV1 that can not be biased emphasis on the shape of the throttle is more reasonable or higher precision, should be based on different conditions and measurement requirements to choose the appropriate throttle. But after all, the throttle is a mechanically processed metal structure, and the transmitter and flow computer can effectively correct the accuracy of various throttle error, so the system performance depends on the throttle / differential pressure transmitter / flow computer and the sum of the three. Super flowmeter is the most advanced integrated differential pressure flowmeter, which adopts the advanced multi-parameter differential pressure transmitter of Canada SAILSORS and widely recognised throttling parts: orifice plate, V-cone, Velcro.