PXI-7344 Card Number Capture Module


Technical Parameters:

  • CPU with 7 communication ports and LCD display
  • Serial ports for master/slave or custom device connections
  • USB local I/O expansion, Ethernet remote I/O
  • Plenty of discrete and analog I/O modules, display on analog modules
  • Easy drive integration
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PXI-7344 Card Number Capture Module

PXI-7344 based on the working principle of ATM machine, in addition to my company used “based on the card reader module output signal card number capture method” there are several other methods to obtain the card number as follows: 1, based on the ATM card reader magnetic signal card number acquisition method ATM machine card reader generally has three heads, respectively, to read the magnetic stripe of the card One, two, three magnetic channels, of which one or two heads are read-only, three heads can read and write.

PXI-7344 according to the international standard of magnetic stripe (ISO/IBM), the two magnetic channels store the card number information, through the two magnetic channels to obtain the magnetic signal, after amplification, decoding to obtain the card number information. The advantage of this method is safe and reliable, the disadvantage is that the installation requirements are very professional, at the same time for different ATM models need to customise different decoding module.

PXI-7344 based on the printing module card number acquisition method ATM printers are generally divided into voucher printers and running printers (bookkeeping printers) two kinds of printers and hosts due to the printer and host communication using a common serial port mode (such as 485, 422, 232), and at the same time, due to the running printer is relatively rich in information (generally card number, amount, transaction type, etc.), so it is also a way to obtain the card number. The way to obtain.