PXI-8423 Open Redundancy System


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PXI-8423 Open Redundancy System

PXI-8423  can be easily connected to the system. Adopts mature advanced control algorithms and fully supports IEC61131-3 standard. Support OPC technology, ActiveX technology, and integrated AMS system, RealMIS system, ERP system, etc., as well as the system integrates a number of well-known manufacturers of typical control system driver interface, can be in the intelligent field instrumentation equipment, control systems, enterprise resource management system for seamless information flow between the transfer.

PXI-8423  consists of a 100M Ethernet network, which is used to communicate between the control system server and plant-level information management systems (RealMIS or ERP), INTERNET, third-party management software, etc. It realizes advanced management and sharing of data. It realizes advanced management and sharing of data. The module consists of 100M high-speed redundant industrial Ethernet network, which is used to connect the system server with the engineer station and operation station, and to complete the data downloading from the engineer station.


PXI-8423 Features:
●Triple-redundant system architecture with diagnostics (2oo3D) and degradation mode of 3-2-0.
●Single IO module meets SIL3 requirements, and IO modules can be redundantly configured for increased availability.
●System response time is less than 30ms for single host cage configurations.
●PFDAV accounts for less than 10% of the entire safety circuit, facilitating user selection of sensors and actuators.
●Proof Test Interval can be up to 15 years, reducing users’ maintenance and management costs.
●SOE accuracy can reach 1ms.
●Seamless integration with HollySys DCS system.
●Safety Circuit Availability up to 99.999%.
●Power supply 1+1 redundancy.