RCU501 Control System Computer


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RCU501 Control System Computer

RCU501 uses fieldbus technology, which makes the field connection line of the inverter greatly reduced, actually two wires are daisy-chained to connect the PCC with 29 inverters in series. Begale programmable computer controller, is a set of computer technology, communication technology, automatic control technology as one of the new industrial control device. Programmable control technology from the birth of the 60s, experienced a programmable logic controller (Programmble Logic Controller), PLC for short, programmable controller (Programmble Controller)

RCU501 has been able to handle large-scale centralised control and complex process control. Its good compatibility, rich functional functions, a variety of hardware modules, the use of high-level programming language, modular programming, so that PCC has been able to meet the needs of a variety of industrial control. The programming platform of this PCC adopts Automation Studio software provided by BR with Windows interface, which is easy to use. It has RS232, RS485, RS422, and CAN, Profibus fieldbus interface, can easily constitute the control system computer network.

RCU501 monitoring station (Provit2200) is a 486 industrial computer equipped with CAN, RS485, RS422, RS232 interfaces and a 5.7-inch colour LCD touch screen and 16 keys, exchanging information with the PCC via RS422. The PCC is equipped with 5 digital input (5*16 points) modules, 3 digital output (3*16 points) modules, 2 analogue input (2*8 points) modules and 2 analogue output modules in addition to the CPU and CAN communication module. The logic control part is programmed in ladder diagram, and the CAN communication part and the closed-loop control part are programmed in Basic language, or C language can be selected. The whole programme is done by three persons in separate parts, placed under the same project. The correlation is done with the help of global variables.