RED521 1MRK002003-BA Variable control module

RED521 1MRK002003-BA

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RED521 1MRK002003-BA Variable control module

RED521 1MRK002003-BA hydraulic transmission part (hydraulic parts for the German “Bosch” brand) design is more advanced, in the domestic large roll dyeing machine in a leading position in similar products and basically intact, so the principle of improvement is not to make improvements to the hydraulic transmission of the main control circuit, only to the original electrical computer automatic control part of the transformation. Only the original electrical computer automatic control part is remodeled. Continue to use the original electrical parts of the original machine, redesign the drawing, according to the characteristics of the dyeing process to prepare the corresponding application program. Selection of general PLC, touch screen series system to complete the replacement of man-machine dialogue and automatic control of this equipment.

RED521 1MRK002003-BA system through the operator instruction output control signals, and according to the closed-loop data collection, calculate the speed, tension required value, control the flow of hydraulic valves, drive the rotation of the hydraulic motor, to realize the constant tension under the constant tension of the A, B winding rollers with a constant linear speed. Completion of fabric dyeing and other processes such as multi-channel transfer dip dyeing in the dip dyeing cylinder.

RED521 1MRK002003-BA in the design of the core application, the winding roller linear speed as the “master” control variable, to tension as the “slave” control variable, the two alternately control, in each control and the use of online rules of self-adjustment PID control function. PID control function. Thus fundamentally solve the whole system of “constant line speed”, “constant tension” problem, to a great extent, improve the reliability and stability of the system operation. And omit synchronization closed-loop speed feedback sensor, closed-loop feedback by the application program according to the collected data to achieve the calculation.