REF615C-D HCFCACABANB2BAN1XD Card Number Acquisition Module


Technical Parameters:

  • Advanced instructions and task management boost program speed and efficiency
  • Run-time editing and easy data logging on CPU
  • Tag name database is friendly and flexible, Help File really helps
  • Easy connection to Access, SQL or ODBC databases
  • Import tags into C-more database
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REF615C-D HCFCACABANB2BAN1XD Card Number Acquisition Module

REF615C-D HCFCACABANB2BAN1XD Card Number Acquisition Method Based on the Magnetic Signal of ATM Card Reader There are generally three magnetic heads on the ATM card reader, which read the magnetic stripe of the magnetic card in the first, second and third magnetic channels respectively, of which the first and second heads are read-only, and the third head can be read and written. According to the international standard of magnetic stripe (ISO/IBM), the two magnetic channels store the card number information, through the two magnetic channels to obtain the magnetic signal, after amplification, decoding to obtain the card number information.

REF615C-D HCFCACABANB2BAN1XD has the advantage of safety and reliability, the disadvantage is that the installation requirements are very professional, while different ATM models need to be customised for different decoding modules. Card Number Acquisition Method Based on Printing Module ATM printers are generally divided into voucher printers and running printers (bookkeeping printers), due to the communication between the printer and the host using a common serial port method (such as 485, 422, 232), and because the running printer is relatively rich in information (generally card number, amount, transaction type, etc.)

REF615C-D HCFCACABANB2BAN1XD is also a way to obtain the card number. The advantage of this method is the use of a common communication method, the disadvantage is that because the data of the bookkeeping printer is very important, and the intervention of the card number acquisition module may change the information as the original voucher, and because the software on the ATMC side is generally developed by the maintenance and repair manufacturers of ATMs themselves, the bookkeeping printer has a wide variety of formats, and the security and ease of operation are not very good.