SCXI-1303 Digital Inverter


D2-08ND3 – 8 pt. 12-24 VDC current sinking/sourcing, 1 common (2 common terminals), removable terminal


D2-08TD1 – 8 pt. 12-24 VDC current sinking output module, 1 common (2 common terminals), 0.3A/point, 2.4A/module, fused per common (non-replaceable), removable terminal

twork communication (Unicom, Telecom, Mobile)

Support low power consumption mode

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SCXI-1303 Digital Inverter

The SCXI-1303 converts control circuits from electrical diagrams directly into corresponding ladder diagrams. Because the plc ladder diagram stipulates that the contact is at the front and the output coil must be at the end of the circuit. Therefore, first of all, we must redraw the electrician’s drawing, and change the position of the contact point and output coil in the drawing moderately, in order to meet the requirements of the plc ladder diagram, but the program design actually has some veins to follow, only that the books in the workshop rarely mention this part. The extensive use of automation technology in the admission of coal mining and sampling equipment, greatly liberating workers from tedious physical labor and unsafe working environment, significantly improving the working environment and increasing the efficiency of workers.

The SCXI-1303 provides the means to integrate MATLAB and Simulink with TI eXpressDSP tools, and TI C2000 DSP controllers for system development. Simulink models are transformed into real-time C code through Real-Time Workshop and TI’s development tools, so that these products can be utilized to achieve automated code generation, product prototyping, and embedded system implementation on TI C2000 DSP systems (e.g., the F2812 eZds evaluation boards and the F2407 eZdsp evaluation boards, etc.), with real-time algorithm verification, greatly improving the development efficiency.

SCXI-1303 digital inverter adopts single-phase half-bridge inverter structure, the core chip of inverter controller selects TMS320F2812, outputs two-way SPWM, EXB841 module acts as the driving amplifier of SPWM signal, and the control switch adopts the full-control device IGBT, with an input voltage of 311V, an output voltage of 100V (RMS), a switching frequency of 10kHz The inverter output voltage frequency is 50HZ.