SCXI-1325 Graphic Monitoring Real-time Software


D2-08ND3 – 8 pt. 12-24 VDC current sinking/sourcing, 1 common (2 common terminals), removable terminal


D2-08TD1 – 8 pt. 12-24 VDC current sinking output module, 1 common (2 common terminals), 0.3A/point, 2.4A/module, fused per common (non-replaceable), removable terminal

twork communication (Unicom, Telecom, Mobile)

Support low power consumption mode

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SCXI-1325 Graphic Monitoring Real-time Software

SCXI-1325 breaks through the traditional automation system design and development mode based on process description, puts forward new concepts such as engineering object model, industry algorithm library, and dynamic allocation of control operations (cloud service), and devotes itself to end-user experience on the basis of function enhancement and performance optimization, which makes the operation more convenient, the interface more clear, the functions more refined, and the descriptions more exhaustive, and all of which reflect the UWinTech Pro’s humanistic care

SCXI-1325 adopts multi-tasking, multi-threading and component structure design technologies, and integrates on-site data acquisition, I/O module diagnosis and configuration, distributed real-time database, real-time execution of control algorithms, graphic monitoring and real-time software, which run on different levels of hardware platforms, and interact with all kinds of data, management and control information through the control network and the system network, so as to coherently fulfill the various functions of the entire centralized control system. control system.

SCXI-1325 builds a typical control engineering model library (static and dynamic model and process data), control method library (equipment control and process optimization algorithms and operation parameters), display interface library (display and operation panel), and constructs a multi-discipline description model library of basic components, unit equipment, and industrial equipment step by step, so that it can “build” equipment models in a reusable way, and “build” equipment models in a reusable way, and “build” equipment models in a reusable way. “equipment model”, “build” the operation program in the mode of reconstruction, through the abstract, isolated, loose data (constants, parameters, variables, etc.), functions (computation, semantics, etc.), graphics (lines, polygons, color blocks, etc.) to carry out multi-domain unified modeling.