SE3008 K2005X1-MQ2 13P0072X082 Line Sensor

SE3008 K2005X1-MQ2 13P0072X082

Product Parameter

Support 4-way LAN

Support SIM card adaptive dialling

Support 4G, WIFI, LAN network automatic switching

Support RS232 or RS485

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SE3008 K2005X1-MQ2 13P0072X082 Line Sensor

SE3008 K2005X1-MQ2 13P0072X082 most of the results of research and practice are in the high-voltage distribution network (35 k V or more) level, and in the medium and low-voltage distribution network (distribution room level) automation issues, or a blank, neither the overall planning, nor a unified technical principles. Not only that, the current vertical monitoring is generally limited to the substation before the line, from the substation feeder to the end user belongs to the scope of power management monitoring, in addition to a small number of large users of load control, there is no other means of monitoring.

SE3008 K2005X1-MQ2 13P0072X082 The automation of medium- and low-voltage distribution networks (mainly referring to switching stations, switchhouses, and open/close houses) and the automation of transformer substations have certain similarities. Therefore, it is of great significance to analyze the realization method of substation automation to correctly determine the automation scheme of medium and low voltage distribution network.