SHINKAWA VM-5K SST-2194-001-P001G Hot-swappable Module

SHINKAWA VM-5K SST-2194-001-P001G

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SHINKAWA VM-5K SST-2194-001-P001G Hot-swappable Module

SHINKAWA VM-5K SST-2194-001-P001G is equipped with single-channel module hot-swappable design, which is the unique design of Ushio Automation, and is the only one in China; it supports analogue universal inputs, also known as universal input design, which has strong adaptability to the field, and it supports analogue (voltage/current/thermistor/thermocouple) universal inputs, and does not require hardware jumper for software configuration. Signal Type Technology

SHINKAWA VM-5K SST-2194-001-P001G is equipped with full-range high-precision, which can help customers to reduce spare parts and eliminate configuration waste, and when the field needs to change the signal type, it also becomes easy; the single-point module supports hot-swappable replacement of a single channel, and the maintenance and replacement will not affect other channels at all, and it can also support the DC inputs for external Type III field transmitters or meters. It can also support DC24V power distribution for external type III field transmitter or instrument, which can reduce the user’s maintenance cost.

SHINKAWA VM-5K SST-2194-001-P001G built-in isolation barriers strong anti-interference degree of the I / O module; in the industrial production process to achieve monitoring and control need to use a variety of automation instruments, control systems and actuators, the signal transmission between them both weak to the level of millivolts, microamps of small signals, but also dozens of volts, or even thousands of volts, hundreds of amperes, large signals and so on. Signals and so on, constitute a system often found in the instrumentation and equipment signal transmission between each other, resulting in system instability and even misoperation.