SHINKAWA VM-5N SST-2194-001-P001G Hot Standby Redundant Power Module

SHINKAWA VM-5N SST-2194-001-P001G

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SHINKAWA VM-5N SST-2194-001-P001G Hot Standby Redundant Power Module

SHINKAWA VM-5N SST-2194-001-P001G power supply module hot standby redundancy, support for dual grid input, over-voltage, over-current protection; control network and system network are dual redundancy; control module dual redundancy, zero switching time, to ensure the continuity of the control; no need for user programming, as long as the configuration of the configuration can be automatically achieved redundancy design allows SHINKAWA VM-5N SST-2194-001-P001G supports module and network self-diagnosis, and the module can be plugged and unplugged with electricity and repaired online, which is convenient for maintenance.

SHINKAWA VM-5N SST-2194-001-P001G real-time data power-down hold, redundancy check, fast recovery, to ensure system information security. Global real-time database of engineering objects with a maximum size of 200000 points, supporting offline and online editing, deleting, adding, importing, exporting and down loading, etc., and supporting offline/online configuration of control strategies, offline/online debugging and single-cycle and single-step debugging of algorithms.

SHINKAWA VM-5N SST-2194-001-P001G complies with IEC 61131-3 international configuration language standard, can be compiled and simulated online and point-by-point offline/online debugging, and also provides interfaces to support third-party algorithms access, SHINKAWA VM-5N SST-2194-001-P001G open system architecture, supports DDE, OPC, ODBC/SQL, OLE DB XML, ActiveX and other standards; provide external access interfaces in the form of OLE, COM/DCOM, API, etc., which is convenient for users to carry out in-depth secondary development, and easy to combine with third-party software.