SIOC086406-002 I/O Function Blocks


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SIOC086406-002 I/O Function Blocks

The configuration program for the SIOC086406-002 redundant system has been integrated into the OpenPCS development environment. This tool enables CPU redundancy and provides the system with the required system communications and synchronization capabilities. The software also has diagnostic capabilities for troubleshooting problems such as synchronization network failures, CPU configuration mismatches, I/O bus failures, missing I/O function blocks and analog input trend monitoring.

The SIOC086406-002 redundancy system is a fully open redundancy solution with fully open software. On the basis of this platform users no longer need to design system solutions based on software architecture. smartPLC allows users to build redundancy implementations arbitrarily according to system requirements. In addition to CPU redundancy, users can integrate redundant networks according to their actual situation. Its openness even allows users to integrate customized redundant communications.

SIOC086406-002 Features
1760 Expansion I/O for Pico™ Controllers
Connects to the side of the controller via supplied expansion connectors
Expands the controller to up to 40 I/O points
Compatible with standard Pico controllers (18 and 20 point models)
Can also be used in conjunction with PicoGFX™ controllers
1760 Expansion I/O for PicoGFX controllers
Connects to the back of the controller
Add an expansion module to each controller
Connects up to 8 PicoGFX controllers with up to 272 I/O points using the Pico-Link interconnect network
Not compatible with standard Pico controllers