SR511 3BSE000863R1 Process Control Systems

SR511 3BSE000863R1

Technical Parameters:

  • User defined tag-based programming for descriptive I/O naming
  • Simple-to-use instructions and Easy math to eliminate complex ladder logic rungs
  • Application tools for quick access to setup, programming, debugging and PAC control
  • Task Manager for quick and easy prioritization of Ladder Logic code
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SR511 3BSE000863R1 Process Control Systems

SR511 3BSE000863R1 need a global partner who understands their industry to realize a lifecycle strategy.Rockwell Automation offers you ingenuity through a combination of domain expertise and technology.We can support you in all phases of the lifecycle, doing everything we can to help you grow your business so you can create more value for your customers.
The advantage of the modules is that they affect the integration of the process control layer into the overall work of the organization. This reduces the lifecycle costs of the system and minimizes operational risk in your operations. plantPAx can play a role in every stage of the lifecycle.

The SR511 3BSE000863R1 is a process control system that can be used in a wide range of industries and is a core component of Totally Integrated Automation (TIA), the platform for uniform, customer-compliant automation in all areas of the production, process, and general industry. pcs 7 is able to cover the entire process control system from the incoming logistics (including the production process or the main process as well as downstream processes) to the outgoing logistics. This facilitates the optimization of the entire company’s operations.

◇Thermocouple input
◇Non-isolated 2-wire, 4-20mA output
◇With output signal zero and fullness potentiometer adjustment
◇High-precision conversion and linearization correction
◇Uniform shape and structure, small volume and light weight
◇Suitable for installation inside the standard temperature sensor junction box;
◇It can also be installed separately in the instrument panel as a signal conversion unit.