SST-PFB3-VME-2 PB3-VME-2-E SST-PFB3-VME-2-E Specialized DC/DC Converters

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SST-PFB3-VME-2 PB3-VME-2-E SST-PFB3-VME-2-E Specialized DC/DC Converters

SST-PFB3-VME-2 PB3-VME-2-E SST-PFB3-VME-2-E potting module type DC/DC converter for railway and transportation, followed by the new 40W/60W higher wattage single output RSDW40/60 and dual output RDDW40/60 series, which can fully meet the demand for higher wattage plug-in DC/DC converter for transportation on-board system. The 086349-504 series can fully meet the demand of higher wattage plug-in DC/DC converters for transportation systems.

SST-PFB3-VME-2 PB3-VME-2-E SST-PFB3-VME-2-E series are all designed with market standard 2 “x 1” size and foot print. The main features of SST-PFB3-VME-2-E series include: Ultra-slim design (low height of 10.5mm), wide input voltage range of 4:1, ultra-wide temperature range of -40~+85℃, and high internal temperature range of -40~+85℃. 85℃, internal potting package not only helps to dissipate heat and improve service life, but also dustproof, humidity resistant, vibration resistant ….. …and other excellent performance. In addition, the design has passed the certification of EN55032, EAC TP TC004, and EN50155 for railways, trams, MRT, buses, and information and communication networks, industrial automation, communication equipment, and other industries and needs for two-pole isolation, DC UPS systems, battery converter or voltage regulator.

SST-PFB3-VME-2 PB3-VME-2-E SST-PFB3-VME-2-E Features:
Internal potting with vibration, dust and humidity resistance.
Extra wide operating temperature from -40 to +85℃.
Input/Output isolation : 1.6KVDC /3KVDC (depending on model)
Protection: Short circuit, overload, over voltage, over temperature, under voltage protection.