T8110B Telephone Modem


Technical Parameters
◆ Integrated design of data acquisition and transmission.
◆ Micro-power consumption design, support battery, solar energy, utility power supply.
◆ IP68 protection level, waterproof, moisture-proof, anti-soaking.
◆ Supports two working modes: wake-up timer and real-time online.
◆ Provide 5V and 12V DC power supply for the transmitter.

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T8110B Telephone Modem

The communication module of T8110B only has short-distance communication ability, although some companies provide matching network module for PLC, but the communication distance is also limited to a number of kilometers. The distribution network is characterized by a large number of points, a wide range, therefore, must be used in other ways to extend the communication distance of the PLC. There are many methods, such as telephone modem program, leased line modem program, wireless program, paging station service program, fiber optic program and so on.

T8110B in the same distribution automation project, according to the specific circumstances, can be used in a single method, can also be used in a combination of methods.T8110B in the RTU four remote operation, due to the PLC level and power capacity with the operation of the equipment can not be exactly the same, coupled with the requirements of electrical isolation, it is necessary to increase the auxiliary potential converter, power amplification, electrical isolation modules and devices. and devices.