T9110 Remote Data Communication Module


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T9110 Remote Data Communication Module

The T9110 provides a reliable, dependable solution. Based on a 60/30mm wide IP67 enclosure, Harsh I/O modules can be standardized for installation and operate safely and reliably in harsh environments where water, dust and vibration can occur. These features make them suitable for a wide range of applications such as material handling systems, automated assembly systems, and more. Other features include support for PNP and NPN signal inputs, and embedded high-light LED diagnostics to help maintenance personnel more easily determine the status of I/O, modules and networks.

The T9110  realizes the interconversion of single buses (M port) and dual redundant buses (A and B ports), either converting a single-cable bus to a redundant Profibus DP bus or converting a redundant Profibus DP bus to a single-cable bus. Data received from port M is broadcast to ports A and B, but data from ports A or B is forwarded to port M on a first-come, first-served basis, so that only one working path is established at the same time. The device monitors the communication status in real time, and switches over to the redundant port when the receiver of the working port detects a bus failure, and vice versa.

The T9110 supports dip switches to set fixed or adaptive rates, and supports the 10 commonly used rates of the Profibus DP bus. It also features optical isolation and interference reduction. The product is industrial-grade design, IP30 protection level, wavy pattern aluminum reinforced chassis, 35mm rail mounting, DC (12~36V) wide power input, with relay alarm output, dual power supply redundancy protection and other advantages.