T9432 High Power Inverter


High-performance CPU with 50Mb memory, fast scan time

Industry-leading 7 communications ports, including built-in local expansion and Ethernet remote I/O ports are standard on the CPU

USB Programming and USB Data Logging are resident on the CPU

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T9432 High Power Inverter

The T9432 uses isolated pc/ppi cables, try not to use cheap non-isolated cables (especially in industrial sites). Siemens early production of pc/ppi cable (6es7901-3bf00-0xa0) is not isolated, and now also changed to isolated cables. plc’s rs-485 port networking with isolated bus connector, such as pfb-g, the rate of 0 ~ 1.5 mbps auto-adaptation, the shape and use of the same with Siemens non-isolated bus connection.

T9432 and plc networking of third-party devices, such as inverter, touch screen, etc. rs-485 port are used rs-485 isolator bh-485g isolation, so that the rs-485 nodes between the “electrical” connection, there is no ground loop current, even if a node is damaged will not be associated with other node damage. Even if a node is damaged, it will not cause other nodes to be damaged. AC power supply ground should be connected to the protective ground to avoid the announcement of the ground point of each point unevenly generated by the interference.

T9432 Good grounding is an important condition for the safe and reliable operation of industrial control systems, especially for industrial communication networks. In industrial communication networks, there are at least three separate ground lines, through a point of ground. The first is a low-level circuit ground (i.e., signal ground), including digital ground, analog ground, signal ground and DC ground; the second is a noise ground, i.e., the ground of relays, motors, and high-power circuits; and the third is a chassis grounding point, which is exclusively used for the mechanical enclosure, fuselage, rack, and ground, and this ground should be connected to the ground of the AC power supply.