TB820-2V2 3BSE013209R Automatic Hydraulic Press

TB820-2V2 3BSE013209R

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TB820-2V2 3BSE013209R Automatic Hydraulic Press

TB820-2V2 3BSE013209R is widely used in buildings, roads, bridges, tunnels, airports, subways and other industrial and civil construction of the quality of the mat block, directly related to the steel in the structure of the bearing capacity of the concrete works. Durability. Acid and alkali resistance. Fire prevention and other conditions, the quality of the project plays an important role, currently in developed countries (such as Japan. Currently in developed countries (such as Japan, the United States, etc.) irregular cement mortar reinforcing steel protective layer pads have been eliminated, plastic reinforcing steel pads have been banned due to various defects, standardized concrete reinforcing steel protective layer pads have been fully promoted.

TB820-2V2 3BSE013209R Compared with the old production method, it greatly improves the production efficiency, reduces the cost, and the output of the pads has the advantages of high strength, regular shape, easy to use, etc. It replaces the homemade cement mortar pads and plastic mold pads with the shortcomings of low strength, poor water permeability prevention and bad concrete structure. The product can control the protective layer of concrete reinforced beams, slabs, columns and wall foundations within the effective permissible range, the

TB820-2V2 3BSE013209R Ensure the correct position of the force reinforcement in the concrete structure and reduce the indirect corrosion of the reinforcement. Good consistency, the use of professional mold injection process, can effectively control the thickness of the protective layer of reinforced concrete; high strength, good adhesion with the concrete, to ensure that the phenomenon of exposed rebar does not occur; self-locking; do not fall off; do not break; easy to operate, save labor and money.