TEMIC ARND-3115 A 18 High Voltage Inverter Module

ARND-3115 A 18

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TEMIC ARND-3115 A 18 High Voltage Inverter Module

ARND-3115 A 18 is one of the most efficient ways, but the PLC development software packages of most companies are expensive, and the way is not easy to debug on site, which is mainly used for the hardware configuration and software programming of medium and high grade PLC systems. PLC control system design, including hardware design and software design. Hardware design is a vital part of the PLC control system, which is related to the reliability, safety and stability of the PLC control system operation. It mainly includes two parts: input and output circuits.

ARND-3115 A 18 control system input circuit design. PLC power supply is generally AC85-240V, adapted to a wide range of power supply, but in order to anti-interference, should be added to the power supply purification components (such as power supply filters, 1:1 isolation transformer, etc.); isolation transformer can also be used to double-isolation technology, i.e., the transformer’s primary and secondary coils shielding layer and primary electrical neutral point connected to earth, secondary coil shielding layer connected to the ground of the PLC input circuit to reduce the high and low frequency pulse interference.