TK-IOLI01 51403427-175 Logic Position Counter

TK-IOLI01 51403427-175

Technical Parameters:

  • Full lineup of 36 discrete, analog and specialty PAC I/O modules
  • Local, Expansion and Remote I/O bases, up to 115,000+ I/O points
  • Auto-discover local and remote PAC bases, I/O and GS drives
  • Hot-swappable I/O, No module placement restrictions, No power budget limitations
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TK-IOLI01 51403427-175 Logic Position Counter

TK-IOLI01 51403427-175 A wide range of parameters can be set when required, including more than 20 parameters such as maximum acceleration, maximum speed, current level of the motor coil during accelerated operation and position hold, micro-step interpolation resolution, parameters of the waveform generator and pulse generator, and so on. 2, drive function (driver);

TK-IOLI01 51403427-175 Each axis has two 24-bit comparison registers for logical position counting or actual counter position size comparison, which can be used for software limits. Each axis has two stop limit protection switch interfaces and two proximity switch interfaces. The RS-232 serial bus control eliminates the need for driver installation. Default speed is 19200 bps, maximum speed is 115200 bps.

Each CAN message is time stamped with 100µs accuracy. Up to 8000 messages per second can be processed. Supports standard frames with 11-bit identifier (CAN 2.0A) and extended frames with 29-bit identifier (CAN 2.0B active). Supports data frames and remote frames. Error frames can be detected. Excellent EMC performance. The analyser has a 110 cm (44 in.) long USB cable on one end and a 30 cm (12 in.) long CAN cable on the other. Use the DB 9-pin connector to access the CAN bus. Optional CAN bus driver with galvanic isolation is available. Designed for USB 2.0 and compatible with USB 1.1.