TP830-1 3BSE018115R1 Digital Analogue Transformer

TP830-1 3BSE018115R1

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TP830-1 3BSE018115R1 Digital Analogue Transformer

TP830-1 3BSE018115R1 is necessary to supply power to the PLC control system, which constitutes one of the two circuits of power supply through the centre point of the transformer. The current, various harmonic currents, etc. on this circuit are a serious source of interference. Therefore, AC ground, DC ground, analogue ground and digital ground must be separated. It is better to place the common point of digital ground and analogue ground in a suspended way. The potential difference between each point of the ground line is as small as possible, and the ground line is as thick as possible, and a ring ground line can be used if possible.

TP830-1 3BSE018115R1 is a neutral terminal for anti-interference, and usually does not need to be grounded; however, when electromagnetic interference is severe, this terminal needs to be connected to the grounding terminal (GR). In order to prevent current shock, should use a cross-sectional area greater than 2mm2 14 # special grounding wire will be connected to the GR terminal and the earth, grounding resistance should be less than 100Ω, grounding length of less than 20m.

TP830-1 3BSE018115R1 By being able to list the function expressions between various variables according to the various functions to be achieved by the equipment, you can clearly analyse the logical relationship between them and then write a PLC program based on the expressions.