TRICONEX 3301 Vacuum Feeder Transformer


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TRICONEX 3301 Vacuum Feeder Transformer

3301 Flame-proof vacuum feeder switch (hereinafter referred to as feeder switch) is mainly used in underground coal mines as the general switch and branch switch of the power supply system, or as the feeder switch for flame-proof mobile substation for mining (open the rear cover plate and dock with the mobile substation), in the line of AC 50Hz, voltage up to 1140V, rated current 400A, 500A, 630A, and 800A, respectively. It can also be used for infrequent starting of large-capacity motors. It has the functions of overload, short-circuit, under-voltage, leakage protection (selective leakage protection) and leakage blocking. The product can be applied in mine explosion-proof vacuum feeder switch and other coal mine safety electricity monitoring system.

The 3301 consists of a control system composed of a set of UniMAT PLC + text screen and an actuating system composed of vacuum circuit breakers. As shown in the figure. Among them, the CPU carries out some logic control, and the mining module mainly collects signals of AC voltage, current and leakage resistance, so as to realise the system monitoring and supervision and complete the protection functions of leakage blocking, overload, short-circuit, phase failure, under-voltage and over-voltage, etc., which has the advantages of high degree of intelligence, stable performance and reliable action.

3301 control system hardware configuration

Display: A 4-line Chinese character text display with protection level of IP65.

Programmable controller: one CPU224Q UN 214-1AF23-0XB0 of UN200 series.

Expansion module: Three-phase AC power and leakage monitoring module UN 231-0BH22-0XA0