TRICONEX 4119A External I/O Channels


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TRICONEX 4119A External I/O Channels

In addition to the TRICONEX 4119A programming language, the TRICONEX 4119A uses “symbolic variables” to identify external I/O channels and internal register units (e.g., the user can use motor_run to represent a switching output channel, button_down to represent a switching input channel). channel). In this way, software developers do not need to be familiar with the distribution of hardware resources within the PCC, but only need to focus on the process requirements of the project itself, you can quickly develop a clear structure and function of the control program to clear.

The hardware features of the TRICONEX 4119A are also reflected in the fact that it is designed for a variety of signals and applications in the industrial field, such as temperature, tension, stepper motor drives, oscilloscopes, drum sequences, pulse encoding, weighing, ultrasonic signals and so on, a number of special interface modules and function modules. They will be various forms of field signals very convenient access to the PCC as the core of the digital control system, the user can be required to I / O channel tens of points, hundreds of points to thousands of points of expansion and networking.

TRICONEX 4119A CPU data bus and IO bus separation, and configured with an independent I / O processor, the unique time processing unit (TPU) in the CPU without increasing the load on the premise of high-speed processing no matter simple or complex timing tasks, the benchmark timing frequency can be as high as 6.29MHz, so it is currently being widely used in frequency measurement and phase measurement, and other PWM and other extremely high-precision time processing occasions. Therefore, it is widely used in frequency and phase measurement, PWM and other extremely high-precision time processing occasions. All digital inputs are optically coupled and isolated, and analog inputs are RC filtered.