UCD240A101 3BHE022287R0101 Cyclic Scanning Operation

UCD240A101 3BHE022287R0101

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UCD240A101 3BHE022287R0101 Cyclic Scanning Operation

UCD240A101 3BHE022287R0101 the establishment of wired communication must be set up cable, or digging cable trench, so it requires a lot of manpower and material resources; and the establishment of a dedicated wireless data transmission with wireless digital transmission radio is not required to set up cables or digging cable trench, only need to be connected to the wireless digital transmission radio in each terminal and set up the appropriate height antenna can be.

UCD240A101 3BHE022287R0101 In some short-distance data communication system, the wireless communication method is not lower cost than the wired way, but sometimes the actual field environment is difficult to wire, customers according to the needs of the field environment or will choose the wireless way to realize the communication.

UCD240A101 3BHE022287R0101 construction project cycle is short, when the distance of several kilometers to dozens of kilometers away from the remote site of the interconnection of communication, the use of wired methods, you must set up long-distance cables or digging a long cable trench, the project cycle may take several months, and the use of digital transmission module to establish a dedicated wireless data transmission method, only need to set up an appropriate height of the antenna. Only need to set up the appropriate height of the antenna, the project cycle only needs a few days or weeks on it, compared to the wireless way can quickly set up a communication link, the project cycle is greatly reduced.